About Martin Cisneros (TheTechProfe)

“Creativity is as important as literacy”

Hello All!

We provide a variety of educational and instructional technology services for various community, educational, non-profits and business organizations.

We provide customized training and professional development on innovative pedagogy, social media development, producing digitally informed technology leadership and implementation of 21st century skills for teaching and learning in our K-12 schools.


We offer full day, half day, partial day and multi-day workshops tailored to meet the needs of your faculty and staff. We provide highly skilled and experienced facilitators that provide a rich, interactive and engaging experienced based on quality research and the latest best practices. Your staff will experience transformative professional learning models. We can come to your organization site and work directly in the environment that your team is comfortable working in. We train in multiple OS platforms, mobile and have the ability to do online and blended training.

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