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TheTechProfe provides customized training and professional development on cloud computing, social media development, producing digitally informed technology leadership and implementation of 21st century skills for teaching and learning in our K-12 schools.

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Learnings about technology integration in education from a local ed tech head in the Monterey Bay.

A shift is taking place at the intersection of education and technology.

Martin Cisneros

This video from Woodside High hits really good points on what can be the negative effects of not guiding our students in using technology. It claims that current technologies are huge distracters at school and at home. I'm a parent of an elementary, middle, and high school kids. I believe that as a parent it is my responsibility to guide, model, and provide time structures in using the technologies and gadgets that "I" as a parent provide in my household.

One of the topics the video covers how video games can be a huge distracter for kids doing homework. Even though all my kids love pizza, we don't have it for dinner every night. They love sweets too, but we limit how much and when. No candy bars for breakfast. I really believe that we really must help our students, teachers, and parents focus on using technology for metacognition or “learning how to learn”. Like everything else... start with your own at home first:-)

From the New York Times