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CyberSafety Education Workshops

Engaging parents just got easier

Parent workshops are a great way to kick off your media education program at your school, but they can be a lot of work to prepare. Take some help from Common Sense by using one of the prepared presentations. We’ve provided PowerPoint presentations and complete scripts to make it easy to host a parent education night on raising kids who use media and technology safely and responsibly.

Our parent education workshops are designed to help parents think about:

  • What's new about today's media landscape?
  • What opportunities and challenges does this present to kids?
  • What can parents do to raise kids that use media safely and responsibly?

Because kids at different ages encounter different challenges, we’ve designed sample presentations for various grades. Each presentation is to provide an overview of kids’ digital lives, as well as some concrete tips for parents.

The presentations are designed to take about 30-45 minutes. We recommend allowing an additional 15-20 for conversation, which you can facilitate using our discussion guides. We also recommend reviewing the presentation ahead of time and modifying it to suit your school’s specific needs. To further engage parents and deepen the impact of your presentation, we recommend distributing a few parent tip sheets at your event, as well as a Family Media Agreement that parents can use to help discuss media guidelines with their kids. Finally, put up this flyer in a public place to remind parents about what they learned in the workshop.

Workshop materials for elementary school

Download the presentation “Digital Life: Our Kids' Connect Culture” (Powerpoint | Script)
Download the presentation in Spanish (Powerpoint | Script)

Workshop materials for middle and high schools

Download the presentation “Digital Life: Our Kids' Connect Culture” (Powerpoint | Script)
Download the presentation in Spanish (Powerpoint | Script)