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TheTechProfe provides customized training and professional development on cloud computing, social media development, producing digitally informed technology leadership and implementation of 21st century skills for teaching and learning in our K-12 schools.

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Learnings about technology integration in education from a local ed tech head in the Monterey Bay.

Knowledge is Freedom: CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA Explained Succinctly from FallCUE 2011

Martin Cisneros

Dr. Mark Wagner's Session @ #FallCUE 2011 on Knowledge is Freedom: CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA Explained Succinctly


  • Taken From the EdTechTeam Website
  • If you don't have ERATE funds you don't need to filter the web @ school!
  • To implement a procedure for unblocking the filter upon request by an adult. CIPPA
  • (COPPA) Doesn't Apply to schools or non profits
  • You really don't have to have parent consent if you want to use Google Apps for Ed. As long as the school agrees to use GOFE Enterprise. It's like a handshake between the school & Google.
  • iBoss: Clean YouTube Video Search
  • Peer graded work is not considered student work. So kids can post work online, blog, comment on each others work. Just don't post the teacher grade for the work online.
  • Archiving student email: DOn't have to archive all or block web 2.0 sites.
  • Staff email: Totally decided by the school board. So if they say no archive, you save alot of time:-)
  • In the case of letigation you just have to caugh up what records you have, not that you need a certain time. So, if you haven't kept records you don't give what you don't have:-)
  • Grow Ons: Include IT Staff in curriculum purchasing decisions and vice versa.
  • Great Session!!!!