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Go Figure!!! The State of the Internet for our kids!!!

Just finished a State of the Union address type of presentation in Monterey County on the use of technology in our schools and districts. I have been doing these presentation in technology in the classroom for the past 12 years. From the classroom, school, district, county and state a few things are still the same as they were when I first began.

  • Schools are still using a small percentage of technology both in conducting business and in teaching and learning.
  • The ratio of students to web enabled devices are 20 to 1 :-(
  • Schools that do purchase technology for their teachers fail in providing professional development for their staff to become proficient in both the use and integration in their teaching.
  • We are still blocking many sites, resources,  and tools at our schools... Those sites are being accessed by staff and students by alternative methodes like smartphones:-)

On the bright side... We have many schools and classrooms that are creating new 21st Century learning environments in and out of the classroom. Learning Management Systems, cloud based collaboration, communication, online courses and proffesional development and hyper connections is spreading to many classrooms!

Much work to do. Still wouldn't trade what I do for anything else!!!


Yours In Tech Ed,

Martin "TheTechProfe" Cisneros