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My Boy is Digitally Hungry!!!!!

From Pics

I know that there are many reasons that my son should have a higher usage of his mobile phone data than I but this really solidyfies it for me!!! I roam the various worlds of the internet for hours at a time on a daily basis. This is my professional work. I also am online most of the time at home, on the go, and everywhere. Yet... It seems that even though my son has less time than I do to be online he has surpassed my usage on a mothly basis since he had his first smart phone! 

The data from the pic above is from our service with AT&T. I now look back and think of how silly it was for me to get my son a 200 text a month limit when I first signed him up for a data plan:-) Ohhhhhh yeah..... he went through the 200 limit in less than a day!!! I used to go through that in about a month and a half. That was 3 years ago.

Now, I realize that there are many factors that contributes to my son using his phone like he used to use his laptop or computers at school. You see, it's not a phone he's carrying with him 24/7. It's an extension of who he is. His phone is like his second or third home. He communicates, connects, collaborates, creates, analyzes, learn, research, illustrates, edits, and every so often talks on it. I have taught my son to be a self learner using the tech tools  that surround his environment and has become very proficient in doing so. But nothing can compare the mastery he know has wherever he goes with his iSELF-phone:-)