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How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education...

We are seeing the commercials, the stats, and the plethora of choices our students now have to be able to learn and teach anywhere, any time, and in most cases any place. Our students and teachers have a vast amount of choices for content and information.

Access is still our largest gap in bridging our educational divide. In our public schools we still have a challenge in allowing our teachers and students to access and use all the wonderful resources, tools, and information that is available online. By blocking students from the digital world, the jobs of administrators and educators are made easier, but if people became teachers, education leaders or parents because it was easy, they migt have selected the wrong profession. While it is true that banning is an easy way out, doing so is short sighted and not visionary. It does not approach the innovative status that we hear so much about.  If you’re wondering how to navigate these waters and what is really allowed, read on to find a simple policy that addresses the three main acts: FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA explaining can be seen here:-)

The following graph represents how long we have come in the past few decades but we are stil a long way in making these oppertunities mainstream for all of our students.