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What Social Media is to...

Today... I'm connecting with people from around the US & other countries. I am co-presenting virtually with colleagues across the state @ ISTE 2011 conference happening in Philadelphia. I am sharing ideas on how we are all trying to improve the education, relationships of staff, students, and parents, and with limited funding and access in our public schools.

Since my profesional title has the word "Technology" embedded, I am always asked questions like "What is the latest on the tech front?" My response... student academic achievement for all of our students!!! I get my percentage of puzzled looks and smiles (or the 0_o look if it's virtual). The latest version of this question is 'Why do you want to know what everyone is doing online with these Twitters, Facebookers, and such?" I try not to return their answer with a puzzled look myself so I usually try to smile as I compose my response. 

As an educator for over 17 years, I cannot even begin to think where I can come to a point in my career where I can say "That's It!... I'm done!!!...I have all I need to know for my profession and can teach anyone who stands, sits, or virtually connects with me!" Yet, I still see this today with many people who are educators. Now that would be silly. Done? We are never done. Technology applications, tools and resources ae my techniques to my strategies in my pedagogy. This is not new to any educator, new or seasoned.

So why do I use social media tools, resources, and apps? I use them to teach, to learn, to inspire, to connect with experts, students, family, friends... to reach out into our shrinking world and be part of the largest communities on whatever subject I want to learn, teach or just be engaged in. I connect, contribute, and collaborate on social networks so I can continue to learn how to best help our educators, students, and families:-)

And now... back to connecting with people who are doing the same:-)