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Santa Cruz, Ca
United States

(831) 406-1541

TheTechProfe provides customized training and professional development on cloud computing, social media development, producing digitally informed technology leadership and implementation of 21st century skills for teaching and learning in our K-12 schools.

TheTechProfe's Blog

Learnings about technology integration in education from a local ed tech head in the Monterey Bay.

California eLearning Framework Revisited

Martin Cisneros

California eLearning Framework

CCSESA is pleased to release its California eLearning Framework, a helpful guide for school districts and schools implementing online and blended learning opportunities for students. The Framework examines the national landscape of eLearning and presents four key components of quality online and blended learning opportunities within a California context. The key components are: content and content evaluation; teaching and professional development; technology support; and operational issues. School districts can use the Framework as a guide to becoming informed consumers and as a tool for strategically planning a successful program of eLearning opportunities for students.