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Printing from your iPad....for Now:-)

So you want to print from your iPad huh? Why? I know I try to avoid printing like trying to get sick but understand that not everyone strives to live in a paperless world like I do. "How can I print from my shinny new iPad?" is the question I first get from everyone I know when they realize an iPad is not just like a smaller version of their computer. a few tips to get you back to your printing press:-) Please comment and add any more tips:-) The following is for the new iPad or iPad 3 if you are counting. If you want more ideas for you iPad 1 & iPad 2 users check out MacWorld's article from June 2011

For all users of iPad 3 users, who need printing docs, images and files every day, now you can easily transfer docs from your new iPad to a wireless printer using AirPrint, a built-inapp in your handy tablet. Turn your electronic files into paper instantly with hassle-free method. Forget USB cable, go wireless with AirPrint.

It was a common complaint by iPad users that they don’t have any easy way to transfer docs directly from iPad to a wireless printer. But now issue is fixed. Send files to printer and get print-outs as you normally do with any other device. No worries.

AirPrint is a built in app that is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

116 How to print from your new iPad 3 using AirPrint

Getting started with AirPrint

For newbies, a step-by-step tutorial is given here:

Step 1.

Turn on printer that supports AirPrint. Connect it with iPad using wireless system of local network. Instructions are given in user manual of printer. Get help from there about how to connect with the device.

If this is not working, think the alternate way that is equally helpful. Insert Ethernet cable into the port on printer and a wireless router.

217 How to print from your new iPad 3 using AirPrint

Step 2.

You will see “Settings” at your iPad screen. Tap it and press “Wi-Fi”. Connect Wi-Fi after turning it on to make sure that printer is also connected to the same network.

Step 3.

On your iPad, find out the document, file, picture or PDF that you need to print. Once you’ve got it, click right-pointing arrow icon at top-right corner of doc or image.

Step 4.

In pull-down menu, click “Print”. This is the main command you are going to give. Here you need to be specific about how many copies are needed. In Printer options, touch “+” sign to increase the number of print-outs and “-” sign to decrease number of print copies.

39 How to print from your new iPad 3 using AirPrint

Step 5.

Tap “Printer” tab for scanning area for AirPrint enabled printer. Click on the name of the printer that appears on the list of discovered devices.

Step 6.

Finally, press “Print” to do the printing. There you have it all print-outs in the printer.

Page settings

Make sure you have selected the right format according to your particular needs. Learn how to format a page, picture or PDF document for printing through AirPrint. You will obviously get the same copy, font size, image layout and colors as you set in your iPad. Therefore, make changes in advance. As far as documents are concerned, do all cut, copy, paste, editing and omission before tapping “Print” command.

Important considerations

Make sure iPad has enough battery backup before using AirPrint. It can run short of energy if not recharged and obviously you can’t proceed further with printing or formatting the docs.

Detect device accurately. Local network should be connected. Place enough papers in the printer to avoid any disturbance. Printer should have ample ink in it or it will give dim colors. Don’t forget to add exact number of copies to the command or it can divert away from the required number. Store all print-outs nicely in a file or folder to manage these well.

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