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I'm Connected...Now What?

I'm an Academic Technology Specialist. I help educators learn how to use technology tools, applications, resources to enhance their pedagogy. I have been doing this for over a decade and I keep enjoying discovering new tools, gadgets, resources and everything in between. I basically jump up out of bed everymorning with the excitement that I'm going to learn at  least 3 thrings in tech that teachers can use in the classroom to support students reach their potential academically.

Every know and then I run into family, freinds, colleagues and people in general who want to expand their minds using the web. They always ask me where they can go to find....(Fill in your topic). Most of all, they want to know how to get better at a certain skill. So, I knormally poke at them with various questions and send them to few resources that i know off the top my head. The following is a list of places I normally venture where I just want to be inspires, learn something new, or learn how to do things differently:-)

Enjoy the ride people:-)


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