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Learnings about technology integration in education from a local ed tech head in the Monterey Bay.

Learnings from CUE13

The 2012-2013 school year has been one of the busiest I have ever experienced. With computerized assessments and the Common Core State Standards now in full prep from all of our schools our services are in high demand. I'm now averaging about 4-6 training sessions per week! This would be on point if training is all I was responsible for at my organization. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit. I really am enjoying this wave of need for inplementing ed tech in our schools. It's the time for me to learn new, improved pedagogies, tools and resources that is shrinking. I'm trying to leverage my learning by getting some personalized PD whenever I can: On my way to and from work, online classes, iTunes U, podcast, and local events on the weekends and evenings. 

The one conference I love going to every year is the Annual Computer Using Educators Conference during the Spring in Palm Springs, California. This year the conference had 4,000 attendees! I believe it has set a record for the conference organizers. The tag #CUE13 was the #1 trending tag on Twitter by the third day! So why did so many educators gather in one spot to learn about integrating tech in our schools? Because this our chance to meet with people face to face we only speak to virtually all year long sharing and exploring ideas. We get to present and share our journeys on how we are improving the teaching and learning that are happing in our local schools with a very captive audience. For me it is like presenting to a room of people who are just like me. 

Like other great conferences we attend, CUE 2013 brought me many great hall conversations, poolside PD, and various unconference sessions throughout the 3 days. The following is a Prezi preso that highlights some of the learnings that will allow me to share and implement in our local school here in Monterey County.



Sessions Attended and Resources
Day 1


  • Broadcast Your Class: Creating Video on YouTube: Presenter Jenny Thomas. Teachers and students can use the video creation and editing tools in YouTube to create educational videos. Access to YouTube, either on of off campus, is necessary to replicate the activities included in this presentation. (Presenter Resources)
  • Common Core: Crossing the Bridge: Presenter Tony Spittell. For many years, ed tech geeks swore by the importance of integrating technology into the core curriculum. Thanks to Common Core, curriculum and technology can no longer be separated. Come listen to a discussion of how the common core standards embed technology and what that means for everyone. (Presenter Resources)
  • On the Fast Track: Effective PD for a Successful 1:1 Program: Presenter Courtney Browne. Get your teachers on the fast-track towards innovative technology integration with these tested models. Leave with implementation ideas to get all teachers on-board with 21st century teaching and learning. (Presenter Resources)
  • Technology in the Common Core Classroom: Presnters Shellie Escobedo, Rich Lane, Kristina Seaman.A look into how to use technology to bridge the gap from CST to CCCSS instruction. (Presenter Resources)
  • Writing for the Digital Age: Student Writing Goes Google: Presenters . Students-even at the junior high level-can use digital tools for writing. We’ll explain how to use Google Apps, including Google Docs and Google Sites, to enrich your writing program. (Presenter Resources)
  • The 10 Keys to a Successful iPad Program: Presenter Sam Gilksman. iPad use in schools should be integrated into holistic approaches to 21st century education. In this session we'll address 10 vital components of any successful iPad implementation. (Presenter Resources)
  • Harnessing the Power of your iPad: Apps for School Administrators. Presenter Susan Brooks-Young. As a school administrator, you are constantly gathering data, not just related to student performance, but for a variety of purposes. You have an iPad and like the mobility it affords you. Now you’re ready to tackle some of these tasks using your iPad. This BYO iPad workshop helps you identify free and low-cost apps you can use to harness the power of your iPad for informal observational tasks ranging from campus maintenance checks to classroom walkthroughs and more. Partipcants must bring his/her own iPad. (Presenter Resources)
  • Digital Storytelling with Google Voice: Presenter Btandon Wislocki. Learn how to enhance digital storytelling in the classroom using Google Voice. Your students already have the technology at their fingertips, why not use it? (Presenter Resources)
  • Disruptive Innovation in Practice: 1:1 iPad Pedagogies. Presenters Jim Bologna, Eryn Hoffman, Larisa Showalter, Eric Walters, Elaine Wrenn. Demonstrating tools and techniques applicable to a collaborative iPad classroom, this session will prepare educational leaders to integrate mobile-technology in a way that transforms the learning experience. Hear from three schools (elementary, middle, and high school) about the opportunities and challenges that come from a 1-1 mobile technology program. (Presenter Resources)
  • Experimental Mobile Learning: Using Students' BYOD for Authentic Learning. Presenter Jackie Gerstein. This interactive, experiential BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop has its foundation in two guiding principles: (1) Mobile devices lend themselves to authentic and engaging learning experiences, and (2) Mobile devices are extensions of young people. Learn and experience cross-curricular mobile learning activities. (Presenter Resources)
  • Incorporating Technology to Improve Achievement of Special Education Students: Presenter Fernando Chavez. This lecture will be an overview of best practices in using technology to improve academic skills of student's with learning disabilities. Topics include teacher websites, instructional/assistive technologies, and accessibility. (Presenter Resources)
  • Minning iPad Apps that Meet Common Core: Presenter Katherine Burdick. This session will highlight iPad apps that satisfy Common Core objectives. (Presenter Resources)
  • Free Web Tutorials for You & Your Students: Presenters Jane Lofton and Pam Oehlman. Learn about six free, self-paced web 2.0 tutorials from California School Library Association for educators and students that provide engaging online learning activities to build web and digital citizenship skills. (Presenter Resources)
  • Flipping the Secondary English Class: Presenter Kate Perry. This class will discuss what “flipped” is and how the concept pairs with the English curriculum. Methods, hosting sites, video software, and suggested educators to follow will also be addressed. (Presenter Resources)
  • Inspiring Your Staff with Technology: Presenter Rushton Hurley. Technology can build morale and teamwork, and your team can have fun making it happen. Learn new approaches to strengthen and inspire your staff. (Presenter Resources)
  • iPods, Little Kids and Big Learning: Presenters Brenda Heil and Maria Saavedra. Join us to learn how we have set up routines, organized apps, and integrated the use of iPods into everyday learning with our kindergarten students in our 1:1 rooms. (Presenter Resources)

Day 2


  • Elementary Flipped Teaching-Using The Cycle of Learning to Innovate CCSS Intruction: Presnter Lisa Highfil/ Maximize the time with your students by rearranging how you deliver content. Flip your teaching so you can better utilize classroom minutes to explore and apply the CCSS. (Presenter Resources)
  • Google Apps in The iPad Classroom: Preesenters John Goodman, Mark Hailwood, Bill Kvitli, LorenaLopez, and Ryann Rockwell. Google Apps offers teachers and students using iPads a new way to communicate and share work. Take a step-by-step look at how to effectively use this free tool to streamline the work-flow of your iPad classroom. (Presenter Resources)
  • Edmodo and the 21st Century Classroom: Presnters David Ross, and Tod Teetzel. This is one amazing tool for your classroom. Since its creation, and with more schools having access to tablets and computers in the classroom, Edmodo has become one of the standards for digital citizenship amongst students today. This workshop will show you how to create an account, assign classwork, polls, and tests as well as grading on one website or app. (Presenter Resources)
  • Explore, Flip, Apply: Empowering the Learning Cycle Through Technology: Presenter Ramsey Masullum. Participants will be challenged to view technology through the Learning Cycle lens. From inquiry “hooks” to content delivery, techniques used to tackle issues of motivation and time will be shared. (Presenter Resources)

Day 3


  • Blended Learning, How Do You Know When You See it? Presenter Rob Darrow.