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Communication in a BYOD Classroom

It's that time of year folks! Schools all around are gearing up for the new school year. Many of our schools are moving forward with the digital demands of the Common Core by introducing new workflow to teaching and learning. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, environments are also being tested throughout. You know what that means, new digital workflows equals new tools. 

If communication is to be a critical component of this new environment at your school site, you might want to look at the FREE tool Classflow. The webtool allows the teacher to create and upload lesson plans and share them with students no matter what type of internet enabled devices they have for learning. That is right, whether your school is using Chromebooks, iPads, or other laptops, the workflow is made simple with Classflow

I know there are many more tools out there that can do similar things, but remember, you can never have too many ingredients in y9our kitchen of teaching and learning:-)